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Where Would a Sack Daddy Chair Please You Most? October 20, 2014 20:57

We can't simply tell you to buy a bean bag chair, throw it in this one place, and do what we say to do. Everybody is different; everybody has their own needs and wants, so today, we'll ask a simple question: where would a Sack Daddy foam bag chair best suit you? 

Sack Daddy Foam ChairThe Living Room? Let's start with the most obvious and popular reply. The living room is where most of us watch TV, read, hang out with people, or just plain chill for a bit. Most of us sit during all of those activities. You might as well sit in comfort, and nothing beats a Sack Daddy passion suede bean bag chair, devilishly smooth and angel soft. Living rooms can usually hold the most furniture, too, so you can get larger chairs. 

The Office? Every office needs a good thinking spot, and once again, comfort is very important. Sack Daddy chairs are good thinking chairs, where you can ponder the problems and dream up the solutions. Whether your office is a straight-lace dark man cave or a bright and bubbly den of happiness, we have sack for you.

The Bedroom? Not everybody likes reading their nighttime book in bed (this writer for one). Leaning against a hard wall or headboard isn’t always fun, so a proper chair may be better suited for the task. Bonus! You can sleep in a Sack Daddy!

The Rec Room? Got little kids? Do they need something softer and less fragile to crash into than grandma’s heirloom china set? A great big 8-foot Sack Daddy is a phenomenal gift. Several kids can enjoy it at one time, plus they can use it as a crash pad for that lovely childhood game of “Run-into-it-as-fast-as-you-can.”

The Break Room at Work? Who said that bean bag chairs are only for home? If your work has a decent-sized break room, or perhaps even a think tank, then try equipping it with one of our foam bag chairs. You can flip through a magazine, get a little more done on the laptop, make a phone call, or perhaps have a casual meeting in a business-casual bean bag chair. Yes, that’s a thing!

The Bathroom? Just kidding, unless that’s some kind of spectator sport for you.

If you had a big bean bag chair, where would you want it the most? Where could it serve you best? We’d certainly be glad to make you comfortable and for a reasonable price. Browse our collection and see what suits you.

De-stress on a Sack Daddy Foam Bean Bag Chair September 17, 2014 07:00

Stress. We all have it, sometimes in bigger doses than others. Often, it feels like the entire world is a stressful place trying to pick our brains apart with anxiety. The world is full of troubles, and our individual lives are full of plenty, too. And when you can't remove the stressors, then you need to find ways to relieve all that pent-up fear, and the best way to do that is to relax. So, we at Sack Daddy offer you the perfect relaxation tool: the oversized foam bean bag chair. 

A relaxing chair is one where you can practically melt into it. Lay back, roll your eyes up in relief, and let every muscle go limp. The hard arms and backs of traditional chairs and couches don't always make this possible. But a Sack Daddy chair is 100% soft and smooth. With the circular shape of our 6-foot bean bag chair, most anybody can lie down or roll around in any which way and still be comfortable. And while we say "bean bag chair" for clarity, they're actually filled with soft shredded furniture foam, way more comfortable. Imagine yourself sinking into a luxuriously soft sack seat, like an enormous pillow there to catch your troubles.

You'll also need a quiet spot to relax. Maybe an office or bedroom, somewhere behind closed doors? Turn off the TV, cell phone, and everything else and just listen to the silence, or maybe some soft music or ambiance if that helps. It's getting warmer, so open up the windows and listen to the sounds of nature. That's one more benefit of Sack Daddys being filled with foam instead of beans, no annoying rattle when you shift! 

What stresses you out? For a lot of people, it's the TV.  Favorite sports teams may not be going the way they want, Cliffhanger endings on the soap operas, or more seriously, scary stories on the evening news. A Sack Daddy foam lounger is a wonderful way to lay back and just calm down. Loungers are more ovular, very similar to a futon, so they're good TV spots. When the tube gets too nutty, try turning it off. Then lay back in the chair or lounger and just breathe a minute.

College got you stressed? The 3-foot foam chair is excellent for dorms, single apartments, and other small places you can get on a student's budget. They're also the least expensive and most portable, so you can take them back home, too. But it's just as tall as all the other sacks (3 feet tall) so it can take the same amount of stress without taking too much floor space. Take five and chill in the sack. Catch your breath, then hop back up and do a little more. Take it in pieces. 

Stress is no fun, so find ways to stop and relieve it. You may not think you have time, but making the time will help you get more done than wearing yourself out. Take a walk, listen to music, do some yoga, or just sit down for a few minutes in a Sack Daddy foam seat, the most relaxing chair on the planet. Take it easy!

Top Ten Movie Marathons with your Sack Daddy Bean Bag Chair September 5, 2014 13:17


What goes better with a giant bean bag chair than a good movie? Hmm, maybe a good book, but that’s beside the point. We at Sack Daddy make fantastic, high-quality bean bag furniture that’s durable, yet incredibly comfortable. So let’s say you’re considering a six-foot blue furry bean bag chair. You might be wondering...what exactly would you do in it? Well, since we believe you can enjoy one of our chairs for a long, long time, we’ve decided to give you a list of great movie marathons to put us to the test. Even if you don't have a great big theatre room, you can still bury yourself in your Sack Daddy and watch to your heart's content. Here are the top ten picks for a long day of movie-going.

1. STAR WARS. Oh, come on, you knew this had to be there. Maybe you’re only a fan of the original trilogy, but if you’re feeling extreme, try out all six movies in one day.

2. INDIANA JONES. Ah, the gold ol’ days of action and adventure. The fourth film is much maligned, but the original trilogy is still beloved.

3. HARRY POTTER. Eight films adding up to about 20 hours in movie time. This is one of the heaviest marathons. However, if you hit one of the more boring movies, you can always curl up in your big sack chair and take a nap right there!

4. THE DARK KNIGHT. Christopher Nolan’s gritty update on the Batman franchise won a lot of love from fans. This is a lighter marathon, only three films, so you can still get plenty of sleep.

5. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. Here’s one that’s not included in a lot of lists. This six-part BBC series was a fantastic adaptation of a fantastic novel. This is a great choice for marathon-ers who like plot and romance over explosions and action. (Try out a romantic red lounger and cuddle up with your special somebody!)

6. THE LORD OF THE RINGS. The films that made fantasy cool again, relive the incredible adventure in Middle Earth. Normally around 7 hours, serious marathon-ers should try the extended editions, totaling about 12 hours or more!

7. THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS. True, there’s a 7th film coming out in 2015, but 6 films is still a good marathon. Fast cars, hot stars!

8. TWILIGHT. Hey, if this is your thing, you enjoy it. If it’s not, you can always make fun of the movies! Sometimes, that’s more fun than the movie itself!

9. THE BOURNE IDENTITY. Tired of fantasy silliness? How about a mystery/action franchise? Ride along with Matt Damon’s signature films. (Less-popular fourth film optional).

10. THE MARVEL FILMS. The ultimate marathon. Multiple franchises, multiple plotlines, and a whole lot of action. For a relatively lighter fare, try just the Avengers films (Iron Man, Thor, etc). But if you’re REALLY extreme, do ALL the Marvel movies (All the X-Men, all the Spider-Mans, ALL the movies).

Bring caffeine. Bring your friends and load up your new 8-foot monster bean bag chair. Bring popcorn, snacks, soda, beer, whatever it takes to get you through hours upon hours of awesome movies. What’s your favorite movie franchise?

Inexpensive Date Night Tips From Sack Daddy Bean Bag Chairs August 20, 2014 08:35

1. Cook together. Can't afford to go out? Try shopping in your own pantry. A few scanty ingredients can make some good meals, and pasta goes a long way. Why don't the two of you cook together? Food is far more enjoyable when you put your hard work into it, and it's an experience you can share and enjoy.  

2. Make a game of eating out for less. Determined to go out, but don't have a lot to spare? Get creative  with the menu. Think about what will fill you up without breaking the bank. Some restaurants give massive portions, so share a meal. And water is always free. 

big bean bag chair3. Talk. The point of a date is to spend some good time together, right? Don’t always let yourselves be distracted; engage in the other person. Ask him/her what they think, listen to their stories. Snuggle up in a big bean bag chair and have a legitimate conversation. It’s one of the best things you can do for your relationship.   

4. Rent a movie. An oldie, but a goodie. Find a flick that you both like, whether it’s a romantic comedy, a Michael Bay explosion-fest, an impenetrable mystery, or a documentary, find a film you’ll both enjoy. Pick out one of our 6-foot foam loungers and enjoy the show! 

5. Do something athletic. If you’re sports or workout junkies, or if you both want to lose some winter weight, why not have some of that time together? It’s getting warmer now, so go for a jog. Train for a marathon if you’re up for a challenge. Play a little one-on-one basketball, or whatever kicks your endorphins into high gear. It’s a healthy alternative, and you’ll enjoy spending energy together. Just don’t get too competitive! 

6. Dessert Date. Sometimes, you don’t need a whole meal to get out together. Consider a cupcake bar, or getting a couple pieces of super-fancy chocolate, or simply get some sno-cones as the weather warms up. Simple, sweet, delicious. 

7. Dance. You don’t need go to a club to have a little fun. Crank up the iPod, stereo, laptop speakers, whatever plays your tunes. Download a few slow songs and just sway together, losing yourself in each-other’s eyes. Or, play some hip-hop, country, polka, whatever, and go nuts. If you can’t dance, then you can at least enjoy doing it terribly!  

Sack Daddy Bean Bag FurnitureIf you’re going to collapse after a workout or snuggle all night long, Sack Daddy bean bag furniture is there to help your night. Our awesome foam sacks are delightfully comfortable while being inexpensive. The 6-foot sack is only $200 and comes with a one-year warranty. It can even be used as a bed if you two just want to take a nap after a hard day.  


Stay cozy, you two.

TV Time In Your Large Bean Bag Chair June 7, 2014 11:07

Wow, has May passed us by already? That heavy heat of summer will be here faster than we realize. And many of your favorite TV shows have drawn to a close for the season. But it's not too late; many shows are still on the air and you can enjoy every heart-pounding minute in a big ol' Sack Daddy large bean bag chair.


large bean bag chair
How do you get your TV on? In the living room? In your bedroom? In your man cave? Do you like to watch alone or with family? Whatever your preferences or room types, Sack Daddy has a perfect seat for you. Maybe your TV time is more of a family event. You like to get everyone together to watch the latest episode and enjoy some time together. Maybe you and your spouse park it in front of the tube after the kids go to bed.


Or maybe you just want to invite your girlfriends over to watch a rerun of the season finale of "Two Broke Girls". You'll want space for more than one, so might we suggest a 7.5-foot black suede foam lounger? It's big enough for two or three at once, long like a couch, and black goes with anything. Or, maybe you're one of those who curls up under a blanket with the lights off, staring intently at the screen all by your onesie. A smaller bean bag chair could work for you, like a 5-foot red fur sack chair. Oh, you don't like red? Okay, how about black? Or purple? We have options! And while the furry model is one of our most comfortable, we also have our high quality passion suede.


Whatever size or fabric you choose, you're getting a high quality bean bag chair filled with quality foam that's not only soft, but durable, so it will last a while, just like any other piece of furniture. But what if your favorite TV show has already ended for the season, or worse, forever? Have you heard of Netflix? Or Hulu Plus? Or, if internet TV isn't attractive or possible for you, why not order the season DVDs for a steal online, or your local resale shop like Slacker's or V-Stock? You can get hundreds of great TV shows like "Friends," "Breaking Bad," and "Firefly" and watch them again and again and again. Besides, baseball season is in full swing. The news is on no matter the season, and movies are awesome.


We doubt you'll be shutting off the TV just because summer is coming, so enjoy the tube all year round for every episode, every game, every show in the full comfort of a Sack Daddy giant bean bag chair. For you, your friends, or even your entire family.

Sack Daddy Bean Bag Chairs Make Great Graduation Gifts May 8, 2014 09:21

Got a high school or college student who's finally made it through all the tests, or is about to? Looking for a good gift that says, "I love and support you"? How about giving them something useful, too? Like a Sack Daddy large bean bag chair.  What makes a Sack Daddy so useful? Because whether they're heading into a dorm or heading for their own home, they're going to need some furniture. That's right, furniture, not toys. At Sack Daddy, we're serious about our products (even if they are darn fun). Our bean bag chairs are only named "bean bag chairs" so you know what we're talking about. They're actually foam bag chairs. No, no, not foam like the soap you use to wash your hands. No, we mean shredded furniture foam. If you peel open your couch cushions, you'll see they're filled with a foamy material. Ours is a similar product, just shredded up into maleable pieces. They're ultra-smooth and oh so comfortable.

If your graduate is about to head into a college dorm, then we'd recommend one of our smaller foam bagchairs, like the 3-foot or 4-foot sack. These are slim enough to fit into smaller spaces, and dorms are about as small as you can get! However, each sack is still 3-feet thick, so they're strong enough to support your student after a long day.

If they're moving into an apartment or something else that's bigger, you might want to consider a lounger. These are larger than the sacks and longer, so they fit more like a couch would, up against a wall (or right in the middle of the floor if they feel like it). They're also long enough for them to snuggle up with a special someone! And the best part?   This kind of furniture won't break the bank.The 6-foot Sack Daddy Lounger is only $200. That's a 6-foot-wide Sack Daddy, big enough for two adults, for only $200 with a one-year warranty.It's a gift they'll be able to use with every movie, every book, every video game, and every quiet moment. Get your graduate something useful that will last, something they'll truly enjoy, a Sack Daddy oversized foam chair. Comfortable, affordable, and enduring.

Storm Safety Tips From Sack Daddy April 19, 2014 10:12

Sack Daddy wants to provide you with the ultimate form of comfort with our giant bean bag chairs. Crash in front of the TV with one of our great big sacks (up to 8 whopping feet!) filled with specialized shredded furniture foam, which molds around you instead of running away from you like old-school styrofoam beans. So make yourself a groove and flip on the sports,the comedies, the news, whatever, and enjoy. However, this is the time of year when the TV gets interrupted by that panic-inducing triple buzz and that little ribbon that says a nasty storm is in the area. Sack Daddy wants you to be comfortable, but we also want you to be safe during tornado season. Twisters are nasty, so here are a few very basic tips for bad

1. Have a plan. The last thing you want to do is panic in these situations. Have a plan and let everyone in the house know what that plan is. Where to go, what to grab, what to do, etc. If you have little ones, you may want to practice it. If everyone knows what to do, it gets done faster.

2. Get someplace safe. If you have a basement, use it. Otherwise, get into an interior room with no windows. Bathrooms are great for this.

3. Bring supplies. A radio is the most important thing so that you can hear the weather alerts and know if the tornado is near. Flashlights are also handy since storms like to knock out the power. Bright extra batteries for both. Take some first-aid supplies like bandages, and be sure to include all necessary medications. Aside from the essentials, you might want to bring a book or something since you could be there a while.

4. Get cover. If the worst starts happening, you'll want to put something between you and debris. One of the safest ways is to get everyone in a tub and hold a mattress or something like it over your heads. This is going to sound very strange, but it's true: a Sack Daddy foam chair actually helps in this situation. The foam doesn't just move around like old beans do; it can be molded a bit, and ALL sacks are 3 feet thick except the giant pillow, so they can take a hit. And most sacks are big enough to fit 2-5 people. Put the sack, the mattress, or whatever you have, over your head to protect it. Homes are replaceable, and we really don't mind if you tear our furniture up as long as you're safe.

5. Keep a weather eye. Your best tool is awareness. Keep an eye on the sky and the weather station warnings, and an ear out for sirens. If you're stuck in the basement, a battery-powered radio is ideal, but sometimes the TV still works. Call relatives if you must from your cell phone. Spring brings back the beauty of nature, but it also brings its wrath. So maybe our foam-filled sacks keep you comfortable while you watch the Weather Channel, maybe they protect your head from debris, but whatever you do and whatever you have, make sure you stay safe.

Sack Daddy Reviews - The Hunger Games: Catching Fire March 29, 2014 19:44

Sack Daddy Reviews fills you in on the latest DVD new releases, so you can kick back in a gigantic bean bag chair and enjoy a night off.

This month, it was the hotly-anticipated Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire. Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) saved herself and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) in the last year's Hunger Games, but it has brought anything but joy. Katniss's defiance has brought about an uprising from the oppressed districts against the Capitol, and President Snow (Donald Sutherland) wants her to calm the situation with her newfound popularity, playing up her love for Peeta. But Peeta knows it's just an act, and he's not happy with it. And Katniss's best friend Gale (Liam Hemsworth) reveals that he's interested in much more than friendship. The Capitol begins cracking down harder than ever, resulting in a new kind of Hunger Games, one that pits 24 old winners together. Katniss is about to go back into the arena.

That's a lot to cover in just a couple hours, and not all of it flows perfectly. The first act is particularly rushed, and even later acts have moments where you just wish they'd slow down. And the love triangle seems less inspired this time around, partly because there's so much else going on, partly because Katniss's affections seem to flip-flop without reason or deliberation. She doesn't like either boy, but kisses each frequently. While this is true to the book, the book went over Katniss's conflicted feelings for both and her own inner turmoils. The film just shows her kissing both boys willy-nilly.

But these are the only real complaints. The rest is a wonderful whirlwind of action and plot development. The rebellion is built up well, the most exciting part being the Quarter Quell, the new Hunger Games which feature all old stars, none of them happy about being called back into duty. Emotions are high, and the tributes' reactions to being called back are especially strong and varied to suit the characters. Action is intense, though this time around, the arena is more dangerous than the tributes, with dozens of wicked tricks like acid fog and bloody rain.

And the best news? A LOT less shaky camera work.

The side characters steal the show, with Elizabeth Banks reprising her role as the surprisingly-likable Effie and Woody Harrelson is again grumpy, yet sagely as Haymitch. Fans of the book will be delighted with new tributes such as the charming Finnick, the spitfire Johanna, kindly old Mags, and wickedly clever Beetee.

FINAL VERDICT: 4/5 stars. More of what audiences loves, less of what they hated. While the pacing is too quick and the love triangle feels forced at times, the film is still highly enjoyable with dozens of great actors playing great characters and a slow, but steady build to revolution that will be showcased in the final films.

RATED PG-13 for intense sequences of action/violence, some frightening/thematic elements, a suggestive situation, and some language.

RECOMMENDED SACK INSPIRED BY THIS FILM:  If you're on team Peeta, the Tan Fur bean bag lounger, wide enough for two.  If your'e on team Gale, the Charcoal foam lounger to hide the miner's soot.  If your'e on team Katniss, the Cinnabar 5-foot bean bag chair, single and on fire!


Ten Tips for Basketball Season by Sack Daddy Bean Bags March 25, 2014 22:53

1. Tend to the kids. Surprise, surprise. Kids don't just disappear when the game starts. First off, why not try involving them? Invite them to watch the game with you, and teach them a little if they're old enough. Maybe game night can be bonding time for your family on an 8-foot super-comfortable bean bag from Sack Daddy. Otherwise, you might want to try working something out with the spouse. Speaking of which...

2. If you're married, work it out with your spouse. If your spouse doesn't care for basketball, make sure they're cool with you disappearing for a few hours over and over again. Set time aside to be with them, too. Maybe help out with dinner or with the kids. Don't sacrifice your relationships over a game.

3. Work before Play. It's hard to really enjoy the game when you have a deadline coming up at work, oryou're nervous about a test. Set time aside to get your have-tos done so that when the game starts, you can kick back and enjoy it.

4. Get a DVR. When the distractions mount too high, a DVR is a wonderful investment. You can record every game of the season and then do it again for years and years to come, so you can watch the ones you missed or replay those incredible moments you love.

5. Get some good food. The game is just more fun with pizza, wings, chips, soda, beer, or whatever tickles your tongue. Again, plan ahead and you can avoid distractions.

6. Use Commercial Breaks Well. Gotta go? Forget one of your snacks? Kids need something? Use commercials while you can!

7. Get comfortable. Here's where we come into play. Sack Daddy foam chairs are the most relaxing chairs on the market for tube time. By yourself? Get a 6-foot sack in your favorite team's color. Friends or family like to watch the game with you? A 7.5-foot lounger is a great way for several to relax.

8. Kick back. Sure, there are plenty of times where you'll be sitting on the edge of your seat, but you'll always want to come back to a reclined position. However, not everybody has a fancy reclining chair with a footrest. A foam bag ottoman is a great and inexpensive way to rest your legs and stretch out. And if you're leaning forward in a tense tiebreaker, you can pick up the little ottoman and hold on for dear life!

9. Get some friends together. March Madness is a lot more fun with friends. Invite them over, or for achange of scenery, go to a sports bar like Buffalo Wild Wings or Hotshots and get some good food, too!

10. Go to a game. If you can manage it, get out and actually go to a game. Go and hear the sneakers squeak up close, cheer with the rest of the crowd, and wave to your friends watching the game at home.

Sack Daddy Giant Bean Bag Customer Reviews March 10, 2014 07:59

giant bean bag chairIt’s easy for us to stand here with a megaphone and shout, “Buy a Sack Daddy giant bean bag chair! They’re ultra-comfortable and more affordable than other giant bean bag chairs!” See? Easy! But it doesn’t mean much when we say they’re awesome. So here are a few excerpts from real people who actually bought and tried a Sack Daddy luxury bean bag foam chair.

Let’s start with our 6-foot bean bag chair. One customer from Illinois said it was “Attractive,” “Comfortable,” and “easy to assemble.” Our bean bag chairs come in a single, simple box with easy-to-follow instructions, so set-up is simple. Another customer from Florida said he would “definitely be back for more products once I have enough room.” You can see how it’s our most popular product, and it’s still only $198!

How about one of our smaller bean bag chairs, the 3-foot model that’s great for kids. “Shelly from Texas” would agree. “I bought this for my son last Christmas and he absolutely loves his sack Daddy... He uses it so much that I am not sure what he was sitting on before I got it for him!!! He loves to play his video games in his Sack Daddy. Thanks for a great product.”

What did one customer call the “Best purchase I’ve made in a long time”? Our gigantic 8-foot foam chair. This is the biggest one we make, 8 feet of sheer comfort. In fact, another customer called it “Sleepable.” “I find myself sleeping in it quite often-very comfortable.”

So the sacks are good, but what about the loungers? Don’t ask us, ask the people who bought them! A customer from Tennessee said that she and her kids fight for the 6-foot lounger when they first walk in. We don’t want to cause any domestic disputes, but yeah! They’re that good! Another customer from Texas said that it was “Kid and Pet Friendly.” “My 11 year old son lounges all over this thing with our two cats and dog playing Xbox...such a GREAT find!!!”

A church youth group in Ohio bought our 7.5-foot bean bag lounger for the kids, and they can’t seem to get enough of it! “All around, the kids love the lounger, and they’ve named it “the Thing.” They love that it’s something besides boring chairs and provides hours of fun and relaxation.” The mutual consensus?

Sack Daddy giant bean bag sacks and loungers are amazing. Check out our inventory and buy one for your house, apartment, dorm, office, or church youth group today.

Sack Daddy Bean Bag Chairs Are Great For Kids! February 21, 2014 10:19

Maybe when you think of "bean bag chairs," you might think they're something for kids and teenagers. Here at Sack Daddy, we make foam furniture for people of any age group. But even if we can't convince you that grown-ups can have fun in a big, fuzzy bean bag chair, you still  won't be disappointed when you see how well our products really do cater to little ones!

Let's start with the obvious: our 3-foot sack, the smallest product we offer. Sure, there's an adult in the picture, but it's pretty obvious that a kid would be happy there, too. It's designed for smaller bodies, and a little one can relax in what feels like a great big pillow. Plus, see your kid's face light up when they see that you've given them a special seat all their own.  Big people have big chairs, but now they have a chair that fits them perfectly!

Sack Daddy foam chairs are just plain fun gifts. What kid wouldn't want to flop face-first into  a smooth, suede bean bag chair? And can you imagine playing hide-and-seek under a bean bag chair? Or just jumping into something soft. But even better than a fun gift is a useful one. Sack chairs are just that: chairs. Your children can read their books, watch TV, play  Nintendo Wii, or even learn to enjoy some quality time with the family with greater comfort  than any other seat in the house. It's also great for nap time.

We mentioned how comfortable the sacks were, right? Well, why not sleep in one? Unlike normal chairs and couches, our circular sacks don't have arms or  backs, so kids can bend themselves in any position (and boy do they!) and still conk out for  a good, long nap. Sack Daddy is not responsible for children who no longer want to sleep in their actual beds.

But maybe your kid isn't so little. Maybe they're growing rapidly, or maybe they're even in high school. Don't worry, the 3-food sack is only the smallest product we have. We offer 4, 5, and 6 foot bean bag sacks, too, so you can pick the product that would best suit your growing children. Maybe they can even take it with them when they leave the nest and go off on their own. The best gifts are useful and last a long, long time. Our sacks are designed to do just that.

Kids love to play hard and roll around. Why not have a big, soft cushion in place to help them play safe? We guarantee your children will love playing, relaxing, and sleeping in our  specialized foam sack chairs. And if you're really noticing how much your child enjoys their special chair, just remember that Sack Daddy makes bigger ones for grown-ups, too.

Sack Daddy Bean Bag Chairs Make Great Valentine Day Gifts February 5, 2014 11:17

Perhaps you've seen the scene from Beauty and the Beast where a character tries to think of things to give someone special. "Let's see, there's flowers...chocolates...promises you don't intend to keep..." It can be hard finding a decent gift for your guy or gal, and the traditional choices we just mentioned have been overdone. How about something really unique? Like a Sack Daddy bean bag chair or lounger! 

Maybe this makes your head spin. Why would you buy your special somebody a bean bag chair? The answer is: you wouldn't. Bean bag chairs are poorly made with styrofoam pellets, hardly a fitting chair for anybody. But a Sack Daddy foam bag chair is different. Our shredded furniture foam is far softer than any old beans, and last much longer. You aren't buying some novelty toy; you're buying actual furniture that's designed to endure! 

Take a look at the sacks and loungers we have to offer! Can you just imagine flopping down in one of those bad boys? This is the definition of comfort: relaxed and lounging with a cozy foam bag curling around you. 

Hint-hint! They're also great places for two to snuggle up during a movie, in front of a fireplace, or your special niche in the corner of the room. You don't have to worry about size restraints; we have Sack Daddies of all sizes. Not a lot of room? Try a 3-foot sack, a simple and soft seat. Got a little more space? A 6-foot sack is a great big chair for two! Want to have a little fun? A giant pillow will shake things up! And don't forget the colors and fabrics! That's the fun part about Sack Daddy: everything comes in everything! Every size has the same color and fabric options. Deep red fur? White passion suede? We've got options, and so do you! 

But what about the price? That's the important part, isn't it? Well, at Sack Daddy, you can get some great deals on sack furniture. For example, our 6-foot bean bag chair is only $200 right now! Yes, that's more expensive than a bouquet of roses (usually), but it will also last a lot longer. We have a one-year warranty on our products, and your loved one can relax and be comfortable for all those hard days, movie marathons, and and parties. Plus, all products are 20-40% off right now

Why not get a truly unique gift this Valentine's Day? Not into buying gifts on Valentine's day? Okay, how about birthdays? Or just because you feel like it? Sack Daddy foam bag chairs make great gifts any time of the year.



Stuck Indoors? Sack Daddy Bean Bag Chairs Make It Easier! January 28, 2014 13:36

BRR!! Some nasty cold weather has pummeled the U.S. lately! Temperatures in the negatives, ice and snow everywhere, piled up high, and empty shelves at the grocery store.

Whether you're taking a snow day or the evenings are just too cold, you'll be spending a lot of time indoors during the winter, and it's only January. So we at Sack Daddy thought up some ways our gigantic bean bag chairs can help make being under "house arrest" more fun.

Watch TV--Put in your favorite movie, or better yet, watch that marathon you've been thinking about for a while. Plenty of new shows are starting back up for their Spring season, and a Sack Daddy foam bag chair can keep you comfortable for the whole trip!

Read a book- Maybe you aren't as much of a TV-watcher, but your library is looking dusty. Well, these indoor months are the perfect time to catch up on all your favorite books. Grab a cup of hot cocoa and slide your Sack Daddy bean bag chair or lounger to the window. What could be better than an exciting story, your favorite drink, and a soft and cozy place to enjoy them both?

Sack Daddy Bean Bag ChairTalk to somebody--TV and books can be fun, but when you have a family, they're going to want your attention sooner or later. Sack Daddy loungers are great for that because they're longer and more like futons than individual chairs, so two or more can relax and enjoy each others' company. Or, if you get one of our immense bean bag chairs, like the massive 8-foot monster, then even four adults can all sit on the chair and have a good chat. When's the last time you had some good face-time with the people around you?

Fun time with the kids--What do kids love to do? Jump around! And boy are they going to have energy, cooped up during a blizzard or cold snap. A big, furry bean bag chair is a perfect place for the little ones to play. It's soft and safe and little ones will love rolling around or jumping up and down on a big red bean bag chair (or whatever color they like best). And when they're all tuckered out, they can fall asleep on it, too.

Sleep--Actually, that's a good idea for anybody! Because we have sacks from 3 feet to 8 feet, any adult can find a sack that fits them, and then curl up and take a good nap. Or maybe it's just that cold in your room and the fireplace is warmer. Doesn't that sound nice? Imagine yourself curling up in a luxurious passion suede sack chair that molds around you. All you need is a pillow!

Winter may trap you indoors sometimes, but it doesn't have to be a drag. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the day in the warmth of your own home, and Sack Daddy has the foam furniture to make it even better.

Pillow Talk In A Bean Bag Chair Sorta Way January 10, 2014 10:52

Here at Sack Daddy, we could talk all day about our enormous bean bag chairs, how comfortable they are, how big they are, how they’re infinitely better than our competition, but today, we want to stop and look at one of our lesser-known products: the giant pillow bean bag

Now when we say “giant pillow,” we don’t just mean “really big pillow.” We don’t even mean "body pillow". We mean a chart-breaking, jaw-droppingly huge pillow. The kind of pillow that  could break your fall. The kind of pillow that guests can use as a bed. The kind of pillow where you could use the pillow case as a sleeping bag (albeit a really thin one). So how big are we talking exactly? The giant sack pillow is 72 inches. That’s 6-foot long, taller than some grown adults. How wide is it? Only 60 inches, meaning 5-foot wide. Even sideways, it will fit a lot of people! And it’s 1 foot tall, higher off the ground than any normal pillow.

Giant Pillow Bean Bag ChairWe weren’t kidding when we said this pillow could be used as a guest bed. It’s certainly large enough to fit a grown adult, or even two cuddly ones, or perhaps a couple of children for the big sleepover! Giant pillows are a ton of fun, and way better than any air mattress that deflates overnight.

Perhaps you think we’re being dramatic; who could actually sleep on a pillow, even if it’s a foot tall? This pillow isn’t filled with cotton or just any bean bag filling. The giant foam pillow is filled with our specialized shredded furniture foam, the same materials we use to stuff our giant foam bean bag chairs and  loungers.

Imagine if a Sack Daddy foam chair was shaped into an enormous rectangle.  Of course, this means it’s just as comfortable as our foam bean bag chairs. So even if you don’t actually use it as a bed, you can still lounge on it, read a good book on it, stretch in front of the TV or fireplace on it.  The cool part is that the giant sack pillow comes in all the same colors and sizes as our giant bean bag chairs.

Imagine laying down a giant furry pink pillow, or a smooth cocoa passion suede. With three textures and 32 colors, we have plenty of combinations to please your palate.  The giant pillow is regularly $250-$280, but right now, you can get a giant pillow Sack Daddy for $100 OFF and Free Shipping. Every Sack Daddy comes with a 1-year warranty. So check out Sack Daddy’s giant pillow page for pictures and order one yourself!

Sack Daddy Bean Bag Chairs Are Perfect For Every Room December 31, 2013 10:05

Whether enormous or petite, our Sack Daddy bean bag chairs are great for pretty much any room of the house. The living room seems the most obvious, and why not? We all like a good comfy place to sit while watching TV or play X-Box One. But why not turn that bean bag chair to face the other chairs and have a nice family conversation? Our furniture grade foam chairs come in three fabrics and over a dozen colors, so it’s easy to find one that matches your current décor! 

The office is another simple idea. This is your think tank, your idea-generator. A Sack Daddy is a good place to rest yourself while you dream up the next great invention, the next great American  novel, or simply figure out how to do your taxes. There’s nothing wrong with a touch of creativity and comfort  in your office, and Sack Daddy offers both of those.

Sack Daddy bean bag chairsThe same goes for the man-cave. Sack chairs aren’t considered “proper furniture” in your house? (Sure they are!) Then you need a nice escape. Go into your den and plop down on the 6-foot bean bag chair, which can hold most any adult, even great big athletes! 

Kids’ rooms are another fun way to use the bean bag chair. A great big bean bag chair (even as big as 8 feet) is perfect for your rough-and-tumble kids to roll around, jump on, run into, whatever, without hurting themselves on hard or sharp edges. And don’t worry, the big bean bag  chairs can take a hit!

And the 3-foot bean bag chairs are great for your little ones who actually like to sit down and do a little reading, or just play Nintendo Wii in peace.  Even the bedroom can be a place for Sack Daddy. Not that you’d necessarily sleep in them  (although in the 7.5-foot lounger, you certainly could!), but how about a nice seat by the lamp or window so you can read a good book? Or sit down with a baby? 

Hey, if you want something super-portable to carry into any room, maybe give the Sack Ottoman a try. Small and light, you can throw it down in the laundry room while you wait for the spin cycle, use it anywhere in your dorm, gain the upper hand in a pillow fight, or just add it to any chair you already have as a wonderful footrest.

We’re flexible here at Sack Daddy. We created products that go beyond “novelty” and can make a real place in your home. Try us out.

Sack Daddy Bean Bag Chairs Make Great Gifts For Any Occasion! December 14, 2013 00:00

The year is coming to an end, but this is the time of year for buying gifts for family and friends. Christmas is right around the corner, so there’s a nice big occasion for you. But let’s not forget those who have birthdays in December, too. Plus, some students will graduate right about now, so how about something special to commemorate their hard work?

Sack Daddy giant bean bag chairs are excellent gifts for absolutely anybody. Our 3-foot sack is the perfect size for children to enjoy, being just their right size. Think about one for your children, grandchildren, or even nieces and nephews. Or, if somebody has a smaller home, or perhaps someone is moving into an apartment or dorm, the 4-foot chair is the perfect size is an excellent single adult foam bag chair for smaller spaces.

If someone has a moderate-size home, you can look bigger. The 6-foot lounger is a wonderful gift since it doesn’t take up quite as much space as a circular chair. It’s more like an oval and can comfortably fit two adults (or get the 5-foot lounger for two adults who really, really like each other!). Great for watching TV or playing games! 

Probably the simplest gift we have to offer is the Sack Ottoman, a foam-filled footrest that goes great with any other Sack Daddy sack, or even traditional furniture. Another simple gift is the Giant Pillow Sack, which is a giant shredded-foam pillow that can take almost any shape and fit in any size space.

But maybe you want to go big. VERY big. We have that, too! Our bean bag chairs go up to 7 and even 8 feet! That’s enough for 3-4 adults at once time! And our loungers go up to 7.5 feet, which is basically, a big, soft, comfy sofa. And with every bean bag chair, you have options.

We have three fabrics (standard suede, passion suede, and fur), and dozens of color options, so surely you can find something that fits your picky parent’s tastes. And best of all, our giant bean bag chairs are affordably-priced. Less expensive than a lot of standard furniture, and definitely less than other giant bean bag chairs out there.

Sort through our online catalog to see our sacks in every color and material simply by clicking on the color image. There are also plenty of photos so you can get a good feel for the product you’re buying before you ever click the payment button. Flip through and see which ones would make an excellent gift for someone special this December or any month of the year.

Sack Daddy Bean Bag Chairs Are Great Christmas Gifts December 12, 2013 13:12

Christmas shopping is well underway and there's still time to find those perfect gifts for those special people. It’s not an easy task, is it? Why don’t you take a look at Sack Daddy’s foam bag chairs and  loungers? We have a nice variety of furniture and it’s all reasonably priced. We’re sure to have a  great gift for somebody on your list. And there's still time to have it delivered before Christmas morning!

Why a bean bag chair? Well, first of all, bean bag chair is kind of a misnomer. They’re not  actually filled with beans, but with specialized foam. That makes them a hundred times more comfortable than traditional bean bag chairs, and it also means they’ll last longer, because this foam was made to expand. 

So now you know they’re made of tougher stuff, but how do they look? Appearance matters in furniture. We have three kinds of materials at Sack Daddy. The first is the standard suede sack chairs. These is your standard fare fabric ... smooth, comfortable and made of durable microfiber. The passion suede sack chairs are similar, but richer in color and texture. Finally, the furry bean bag chairs are just what they sound like: soft, smooth, and totally synthetic—no animal parts here!

And the Sack Daddy chairs and loungers have dozens of color options, so you can get a big red chair or a little blue furry bean bag chair, or whatever variety you want. That’s because at Sack Daddy, everything comes in everything. Whatever size or style foam chair you get, you have all the same fabric and color options.

Speaking of sizes, you should check these bad boys out! We’re known for our ginormous bean bag chairs. The six-foot chair is our most popular product. That’s six whole feet in diameter. Oh, that’s not really all that big, you say? Well then try the whopping 8-foot bean bag chair. Imagine how many could fit on that! Or if chairs aren’t your style, how about a foam lounger? Oval in shape, they function more  like a couch than a simple chair. Yes, these get huge, too, up to  7.5 feet. And if big isn’t your thing, we have little ones, too, as small as 3 feet in the sack chairs and 5 feet in a lounger.

Best of all, they’re all affordable. We pride ourselves on selling high-quality furniture at a good  price, so don’t break the bank this year while you’re Christmas shopping. As a matter of fact, our popular 6-foot chair is only $198 right now with Free Shipping! That’s a deal you don’t want to miss! So feast your eyes upon this merry little collection of sack chairs and find the one that’s just right for you and yours this Christmas.

Happy Thanksgiving from Sack Daddy November 26, 2013 21:33

Think about this: the family is all together, the turkey is carved, and the latest football game is dashing across your TV screen. What better place to enjoy it all than the comfort of a Sack
Daddy foam bag chair?

The ultimate relaxation tool, Sack Daddy bean bags are chairs unlike any others. Big, cozy bean bag chairs for grown-ups! Filled with shredded furniture foam, a Sack Daddy is designed to be like any other piece of furniture. Just, you know, more flexible, a different shape, and lined with mobile comfort so you can put it in any position you so please. Hmm, that actually sounds better than standard furniture.

Whether it’s the Thanksgiving game or the Superbowl, Sack Daddy chairs are a wonderful place to enjoy the football game. Grab some chips and a drink, and you’re good to go! And when football is over...well, ESPN plays other sports, too! 

But for Thanksgiving, we know it is not all about the sports. Football is fine, but remember why you’ve all gathered together. We love when our chairs are used for TV viewing, but we love it even more when they’re used for family time. We like when people lounge back in a Sack Daddy lounger or chair and catch up with distant relatives, play with the nieces and nephews, and otherwise just enjoy the time together. Sack Daddy foam bag chairs have a lot of fun uses. This Thanksgiving, let them be used to bring your family a little closer together.

6-Foot Sack Daddy Bean Bag Chair Sale! November 22, 2013 18:01

The 6-foot Sack Daddy bean bag chair is one of our most popular items. It fits any size of adult (or two!) and most living rooms, and right now, it’s at a tremendous discount.  For a limited time, the 6-foot foam beanbag chair is available at only $198.00*! 

And this still includes free shipping to the lower 48 states and a 1-year warranty. How many chairs can you buy for that little, even at discounted or wholesale prices? This is a wonderful savings so that you, too, can enjoy our most famous item and see just why everyone loves it so much! 

The 6-foot chair is a big ol’ bean bag chair that’s large enough for one-two adults with some legroom,  but it’s also the perfect size for you to cozy up close to someone special, or perhaps your pet. It’s filled with our special shredded foam, so really, it’s not a bean bag chair, but a foam bag  chair, which is way more enjoyable with all the flexibility and portability of other sack chairs. 

Our sack chairs are good for just about anything. Whether you want to watch the latest episode of your favorite TV show, rent a movie, play a video game for four hours straight, or just snuggle up with a good book, Sack Daddy can provide hours and hours of quality and comfort.

The sale only changes the price tag. Our 6-foot sacks still come in a great variety of materials  and colors. Our standard suede fabric comes in six colors for you to choose from. Or perhaps you’d like to upgrade to Chocolate Passion Suede for only a little extra? Actually, with a name like that, it  does sound fancy, doesn’t it? Or maybe you’d like a big furry red bean bag chair. Well, we  have that too, and many, many more colors. The only problem there is that you can only pick one (or course, you can buy more than one if you like)!

We certainly hope you’ll take advantage of this great savings, because this deal won’t be around forever. Order now, and get a fantastic discount on this ultimate sack chair. A 6-foot foam sack for only $198.00! And while you’re at it, check out our other products here at Sack Daddy. We  have little sack chairs for the kids, gigantic 7 foot loungers for the family, huge pillows, and  foam sack ottomans to rest your weary feet. Take a look, window shop for a while. Shipping is free on everything, so find a product that fits you today.

* standard suede fabric

Sack Daddy Bean Bag Chairs Offer Affordable Luxury October 28, 2013 08:18

It’s not easy buying good furniture on a budget. Couches and chairs are expensive, so most of us probably end up going to yard sales with our fingers crossed that we’ll find something from this decade. Or we browse Craigslist, only to find that the “great deal” had torn covers, a sagging middle, and the mystery stain.

Sack Daddy makes it easier to have good quality furniture while not blowing a hole in your bank account.

How is a bean bag chair “good quality?” Well, “bean bag chair” isn’t the right term. It’s a foam bag chair, filled with shredded furniture foam instead of styrofoam pellets. This makes for more comfort, a longer life, and a quieter seat, like a traditional piece of furniture. Good furniture will last a while, and Sack Daddy foam chairs are designed to last. That’s why we back each one up with a 1-year warranty.

But we couldn’t brag about our quality if we couldn’t also speak of our variety. We have Sack Daddy foam bag chairs for traditional seating, foam loungers which act more like couches or futons, even a sack ottoman to rest your feet! And every size and style come in every color we offer. Navy blue suede, purple fur, lime green passion suede, the combinations are endless!

So what of our prices? Now we get down to it, don’t we? It depends on what you’re looking for, but we’re confident that we offer the best prices on the market.

If you’re a college student trying to save space in your dorm (and wallet), the 3-foot sack fits most anywhere and its only $138 right now with free shipping! If you want to kick back in a giant furry black pillow, that’s only $150. If you have some more room, a 5-foot lounger is only $180. The Sack Daddy Ottoman is only $60 and comes in just as many varieties as our sacks.

And RIGHT NOW, we’re having a special on our most popular bean bag chair: the 6-foot sack. Big enough to fit two, and only $198 PLUS free shipping! Take advantage of this awesome deal while you can!

From little bean bag chairs to massive 8-foot sacks, Sack Daddy has all the best in top-quality comfort for a cost you can get behind. Our most expensive product is less than $500. Most couches don’t even go that low even in a giant warehouse on the weekends!

Check out our entire inventory and see for yourselves the high quality products we provide and the low prices that you’ll love.

You Could Win A Sack Daddy Bean Bag Chair! October 7, 2013 09:08 3 Comments

What do those little “mellowcreme” pumpkin candies and a Sack Daddy have in common?  You know what they are...they taste like candy corn only they're pumpkin-shaped.

It’s Halloween season and we want to see how many of those little buggers it takes to stuff a Sack Daddy!  We want you to tell us and if you have the closest guess, you could win a 4 ft. Sack Daddy

Yep, this year,we want to give away a 4 ft. Sack Daddy to one lucky guesser! (and no, they won’t actually have  mellowcreme pumpkins inside, just our superior, furniture-grade foam!  Now, if you want a pumpkin-colored Sack Daddy, we can do that!  Check out our Orange Passion Suede!)

 Here are the details.

• Like our Facebook page so we can contact you if you win.

• Starting Thursday, October 10th, guess the number of pumpkin candy it will take to fill a 4 ft. Sack Daddy.  You can see a picture of it on our website at

• Post your guess in the comments section on Sack Daddy Facebook page.

• Only One guess per person.  If you make more than one guess, only your first guess will be counted as an entry.

• Contest begins Thursday, October 10th and ends on Friday, October 25 at 10pm CST. Entries after 10pm CST will not be accepted.

• One winner will be announced no later than Tuesday, October 29.

• The guess closest to the actual number of pumpkin candies it takes to fill a 4 ft. Sack Daddy will be deemed the winner.

• Judges decisions are final.

So get counting and start guessing.  Tell your friends, and remember to post your guesses on our Facebook page.

Spice Up Your Dorm With A Sack Daddy Bean Bag Chair September 27, 2013 00:00

College is already in full swing for most, but many of you may still be getting used to everything. Still working out your class/work/sleep/social life schedule, figuring out if that math class was really worth it, negotiating house rules with your roommate(s). And most importantly, squaring out your dorm room.

Dorms are pretty small. Many are about the size of a child’s bedroom, yet two people need to fit in there with all their stuff. That doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for decorating or furnishing. But here at Sack Daddy, we try to have something for everybody.

Our dorm-sized bean bag chairs will fit most anywhere. Our smallest is 3 feet, so it won’t take up a lot of space in your already-crowded floor. Plus, being a foam bag chair, it’s moderately moldable. Chairs and couches, no matter how small, can’t do this, but Sack Daddy bean bag chairs are flexible enough to give you some wiggle room.

But maybe you’re a master space saver and you have enough room for small couch or the infamous futon. Don’t waste time on cheap furniture that tries to be both couch and bed, but really ends up as neither. The Sack Daddy lounger is the better bet, being spread out like a futon without trying to be anything but itself.

Why get a bean bag chair at all? Why not just a simple chair or something cheap? Because Sack Daddy chairs are like no other. Our high-quality foam is softer and more comfortable than the bean bags you know. Our sacks are also more durable to wear and tear. That means that when college is over, you can still take it home and use it again and again!

And if it’s price you’re worried about, don’t be. Our foam bag chairs are designed to be comfortable, yet affordable. Right now, our 3-foot sack chair is only $140. That comes with free shipping within the continental U.S. and a one-year warranty. How many chairs come with all that at this price?

So wow your friends and roommates with a stylish 3-foot furry foam bag chair (or suede or passion suede). If you have your own room or a bigger place, try out our larger foam bag chairs. With a variety of sizes, colors, and styles, we at Sack Daddy strive to find something for everybody. So if you’re a college student in the dorm, don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you.

Check out the pictures at to get a better feel for our sizes and read about our free fabric samples!


Furniture shopping can be difficult. You not only want something durable, not only something comfortable, but you also want something that matches your current décor. This is why Sack Daddy carries a variety of colors and products.

Let’s start with the obvious: the foam chairs that give us our name. We have 3-foot and 4-foot sacks for children or for small spaces, so you can fit your bean bag chair in your dorm or a small room. Then there are the 5-foot and 6-foot sacks that make great foam chairs in most rooms. If you have a large area, however, we can provide for that, too, with the 7-foot and 8-foot bean bag chairs. From the small seats to massive bean bags, we have you covered.

Or how about something a little more relaxing? The Sack Daddy bean bag loungers are more for lying about or using like a couch. These come in three different sizes.

And no matter what seat you have in your home, it’s always fun to put your feet up at the end of a hard day. The bean bag ottoman will help you out with both support and softness. Worried that the ottoman won’t match your couch? Well, that’s the best part.

No matter what size sack or if you just get the ottoman, every foam chair comes in every available style and color. Want a blue furry bean bag chair? Oh, you wanted the 6-foot lounger instead? We have that in blue fur, too! Or maybe you just saw the 3-foot navy blue passion suede chair. But wait, a 4-footer would be better. Do we have that in the same style and color? Yes we do!

Every item at Sack Daddy has the same options for colors and styles. There are six dark and smooth suede fabrics, six furry materials, and nineteen colors of passion suede! So if you just want that bean bag ottoman, you still have the same options as the bean bag chairs. With our large selection of hues and fabrics, you’ll find a bean bag to match your home!

And better yet, our variety is affordable. Sack Daddy bean bag chairs are reasonably priced with free shipping to the 48 continental United States, machine-washable covers, and a generous warranty, so you can feel secure no matter which bean bag product you buy.

So enjoy a little variety. Whether you’re looking to match any room or to redecorate everything, we’re certain there’s a bean bag chair, lounger, or ottoman for you.

Sack Daddy Bean Bags are perfect for your pets February 21, 2013 18:28

As a pet owner, you probably are well aware of the fact that it's not easy to convince your four-legged family members to stay off the couch. A comfortable alternative is a Sack Daddy bean bag chair, lounger or couch. Finally, you don't have to worry about Fido or Felix seeking a comfy spot that's not pet-proof. These bean bag chairs are the perfect ultra comfy bed for your pet. A Bean Bag Bed for Your Pets Pets love to have a comfy place to relax too; and an old rug or blanket placed on the floor doesn't always cut it. 

 Sack Daddy bean bag chairs allow you to snuggle with your pet without the stress of worrying about pet hair and dander. All Sack Daddy large bean bag chairs have removable and washable covers. If Fluffy does get pet hair on your Sack Daddy bean bag bed, just toss it in the washing machine. Why Pets Love Sack Daddy Bean Bag Chairs Pets tend to enjoy comfort just as much as you do. This is why Sack Daddy's large bean bag chairs are perfect for just about any pet. Dogs, cats, and even pet iguanas will love a comfy bean bag bed. 

If your pet could talk, some of the reasons they would give for why they love Sack Daddy bean bag chairs would be: 

• "It's big enough for me to comfortably relax with my owner." 

• "It's soft, but still firm enough to offer me plenty of support." 

• "There are no arms or other hard parts that get in the way when I jump up on it." 

• "The filling retains heat and make a great alternative to the cold floor." 


Why Pet Owners Love Sack Daddy Bean Bag Chairs Not only will your pet love the comfort of a huge bean bag chair, but so will you. As a pet owner, you can relax when your little loved one jumps up to enjoy some quality time with you. Sack Daddy bean bag loungers and chairs are made with shredded foam and soft fabric to offer the comfort of a traditional bean bag chair with extra support that you'll love. Pet owners love Sack Daddy's giant bean bag furniture because Sack Daddy's huge bean bag chairs and loungers are: 

• Kid friendly and pet friendly 

• Durable 

• Washable

Available in six different sizes and fabric selections Bringing Together Comfort and Durability You want your pet to feel comfortable in your home, but you also want your furniture to stay in good shape. It's a common dilemma most pet owner's face. Fortunately, Sack Daddy's bean bag couch solves this problem. You get a stylish addition to your home and a comfortable place your pets can enjoy without guilt. All Sack Daddy's also come with a removable cover that you easily toss in the wash - try doing that with you couch!