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Pillow Talk In A Bean Bag Chair Sorta Way January 10, 2014 10:52

Here at Sack Daddy, we could talk all day about our enormous bean bag chairs, how comfortable they are, how big they are, how they’re infinitely better than our competition, but today, we want to stop and look at one of our lesser-known products: the giant pillow bean bag

Now when we say “giant pillow,” we don’t just mean “really big pillow.” We don’t even mean "body pillow". We mean a chart-breaking, jaw-droppingly huge pillow. The kind of pillow that  could break your fall. The kind of pillow that guests can use as a bed. The kind of pillow where you could use the pillow case as a sleeping bag (albeit a really thin one). So how big are we talking exactly? The giant sack pillow is 72 inches. That’s 6-foot long, taller than some grown adults. How wide is it? Only 60 inches, meaning 5-foot wide. Even sideways, it will fit a lot of people! And it’s 1 foot tall, higher off the ground than any normal pillow.

Giant Pillow Bean Bag ChairWe weren’t kidding when we said this pillow could be used as a guest bed. It’s certainly large enough to fit a grown adult, or even two cuddly ones, or perhaps a couple of children for the big sleepover! Giant pillows are a ton of fun, and way better than any air mattress that deflates overnight.

Perhaps you think we’re being dramatic; who could actually sleep on a pillow, even if it’s a foot tall? This pillow isn’t filled with cotton or just any bean bag filling. The giant foam pillow is filled with our specialized shredded furniture foam, the same materials we use to stuff our giant foam bean bag chairs and  loungers.

Imagine if a Sack Daddy foam chair was shaped into an enormous rectangle.  Of course, this means it’s just as comfortable as our foam bean bag chairs. So even if you don’t actually use it as a bed, you can still lounge on it, read a good book on it, stretch in front of the TV or fireplace on it.  The cool part is that the giant sack pillow comes in all the same colors and sizes as our giant bean bag chairs.

Imagine laying down a giant furry pink pillow, or a smooth cocoa passion suede. With three textures and 32 colors, we have plenty of combinations to please your palate.  The giant pillow is regularly $250-$280, but right now, you can get a giant pillow Sack Daddy for $100 OFF and Free Shipping. Every Sack Daddy comes with a 1-year warranty. So check out Sack Daddy’s giant pillow page for pictures and order one yourself!

6-Foot Sack Daddy Bean Bag Chair Sale! November 22, 2013 18:01

The 6-foot Sack Daddy bean bag chair is one of our most popular items. It fits any size of adult (or two!) and most living rooms, and right now, it’s at a tremendous discount.  For a limited time, the 6-foot foam beanbag chair is available at only $198.00*! 

And this still includes free shipping to the lower 48 states and a 1-year warranty. How many chairs can you buy for that little, even at discounted or wholesale prices? This is a wonderful savings so that you, too, can enjoy our most famous item and see just why everyone loves it so much! 

The 6-foot chair is a big ol’ bean bag chair that’s large enough for one-two adults with some legroom,  but it’s also the perfect size for you to cozy up close to someone special, or perhaps your pet. It’s filled with our special shredded foam, so really, it’s not a bean bag chair, but a foam bag  chair, which is way more enjoyable with all the flexibility and portability of other sack chairs. 

Our sack chairs are good for just about anything. Whether you want to watch the latest episode of your favorite TV show, rent a movie, play a video game for four hours straight, or just snuggle up with a good book, Sack Daddy can provide hours and hours of quality and comfort.

The sale only changes the price tag. Our 6-foot sacks still come in a great variety of materials  and colors. Our standard suede fabric comes in six colors for you to choose from. Or perhaps you’d like to upgrade to Chocolate Passion Suede for only a little extra? Actually, with a name like that, it  does sound fancy, doesn’t it? Or maybe you’d like a big furry red bean bag chair. Well, we  have that too, and many, many more colors. The only problem there is that you can only pick one (or course, you can buy more than one if you like)!

We certainly hope you’ll take advantage of this great savings, because this deal won’t be around forever. Order now, and get a fantastic discount on this ultimate sack chair. A 6-foot foam sack for only $198.00! And while you’re at it, check out our other products here at Sack Daddy. We  have little sack chairs for the kids, gigantic 7 foot loungers for the family, huge pillows, and  foam sack ottomans to rest your weary feet. Take a look, window shop for a while. Shipping is free on everything, so find a product that fits you today.

* standard suede fabric