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Sack Daddy Bean Bag Chairs Make Great Graduation Gifts May 8, 2014 09:21

Got a high school or college student who's finally made it through all the tests, or is about to? Looking for a good gift that says, "I love and support you"? How about giving them something useful, too? Like a Sack Daddy large bean bag chair.  What makes a Sack Daddy so useful? Because whether they're heading into a dorm or heading for their own home, they're going to need some furniture. That's right, furniture, not toys. At Sack Daddy, we're serious about our products (even if they are darn fun). Our bean bag chairs are only named "bean bag chairs" so you know what we're talking about. They're actually foam bag chairs. No, no, not foam like the soap you use to wash your hands. No, we mean shredded furniture foam. If you peel open your couch cushions, you'll see they're filled with a foamy material. Ours is a similar product, just shredded up into maleable pieces. They're ultra-smooth and oh so comfortable.

If your graduate is about to head into a college dorm, then we'd recommend one of our smaller foam bagchairs, like the 3-foot or 4-foot sack. These are slim enough to fit into smaller spaces, and dorms are about as small as you can get! However, each sack is still 3-feet thick, so they're strong enough to support your student after a long day.

If they're moving into an apartment or something else that's bigger, you might want to consider a lounger. These are larger than the sacks and longer, so they fit more like a couch would, up against a wall (or right in the middle of the floor if they feel like it). They're also long enough for them to snuggle up with a special someone! And the best part?   This kind of furniture won't break the bank.The 6-foot Sack Daddy Lounger is only $200. That's a 6-foot-wide Sack Daddy, big enough for two adults, for only $200 with a one-year warranty.It's a gift they'll be able to use with every movie, every book, every video game, and every quiet moment. Get your graduate something useful that will last, something they'll truly enjoy, a Sack Daddy oversized foam chair. Comfortable, affordable, and enduring.

Sack Daddy Bean Bag Chairs Are Great For Kids! February 21, 2014 10:19

Maybe when you think of "bean bag chairs," you might think they're something for kids and teenagers. Here at Sack Daddy, we make foam furniture for people of any age group. But even if we can't convince you that grown-ups can have fun in a big, fuzzy bean bag chair, you still  won't be disappointed when you see how well our products really do cater to little ones!

Let's start with the obvious: our 3-foot sack, the smallest product we offer. Sure, there's an adult in the picture, but it's pretty obvious that a kid would be happy there, too. It's designed for smaller bodies, and a little one can relax in what feels like a great big pillow. Plus, see your kid's face light up when they see that you've given them a special seat all their own.  Big people have big chairs, but now they have a chair that fits them perfectly!

Sack Daddy foam chairs are just plain fun gifts. What kid wouldn't want to flop face-first into  a smooth, suede bean bag chair? And can you imagine playing hide-and-seek under a bean bag chair? Or just jumping into something soft. But even better than a fun gift is a useful one. Sack chairs are just that: chairs. Your children can read their books, watch TV, play  Nintendo Wii, or even learn to enjoy some quality time with the family with greater comfort  than any other seat in the house. It's also great for nap time.

We mentioned how comfortable the sacks were, right? Well, why not sleep in one? Unlike normal chairs and couches, our circular sacks don't have arms or  backs, so kids can bend themselves in any position (and boy do they!) and still conk out for  a good, long nap. Sack Daddy is not responsible for children who no longer want to sleep in their actual beds.

But maybe your kid isn't so little. Maybe they're growing rapidly, or maybe they're even in high school. Don't worry, the 3-food sack is only the smallest product we have. We offer 4, 5, and 6 foot bean bag sacks, too, so you can pick the product that would best suit your growing children. Maybe they can even take it with them when they leave the nest and go off on their own. The best gifts are useful and last a long, long time. Our sacks are designed to do just that.

Kids love to play hard and roll around. Why not have a big, soft cushion in place to help them play safe? We guarantee your children will love playing, relaxing, and sleeping in our  specialized foam sack chairs. And if you're really noticing how much your child enjoys their special chair, just remember that Sack Daddy makes bigger ones for grown-ups, too.

Sack Daddy Bean Bag Chairs Make Great Valentine Day Gifts February 5, 2014 11:17

Perhaps you've seen the scene from Beauty and the Beast where a character tries to think of things to give someone special. "Let's see, there's flowers...chocolates...promises you don't intend to keep..." It can be hard finding a decent gift for your guy or gal, and the traditional choices we just mentioned have been overdone. How about something really unique? Like a Sack Daddy bean bag chair or lounger! 

Maybe this makes your head spin. Why would you buy your special somebody a bean bag chair? The answer is: you wouldn't. Bean bag chairs are poorly made with styrofoam pellets, hardly a fitting chair for anybody. But a Sack Daddy foam bag chair is different. Our shredded furniture foam is far softer than any old beans, and last much longer. You aren't buying some novelty toy; you're buying actual furniture that's designed to endure! 

Take a look at the sacks and loungers we have to offer! Can you just imagine flopping down in one of those bad boys? This is the definition of comfort: relaxed and lounging with a cozy foam bag curling around you. 

Hint-hint! They're also great places for two to snuggle up during a movie, in front of a fireplace, or your special niche in the corner of the room. You don't have to worry about size restraints; we have Sack Daddies of all sizes. Not a lot of room? Try a 3-foot sack, a simple and soft seat. Got a little more space? A 6-foot sack is a great big chair for two! Want to have a little fun? A giant pillow will shake things up! And don't forget the colors and fabrics! That's the fun part about Sack Daddy: everything comes in everything! Every size has the same color and fabric options. Deep red fur? White passion suede? We've got options, and so do you! 

But what about the price? That's the important part, isn't it? Well, at Sack Daddy, you can get some great deals on sack furniture. For example, our 6-foot bean bag chair is only $200 right now! Yes, that's more expensive than a bouquet of roses (usually), but it will also last a lot longer. We have a one-year warranty on our products, and your loved one can relax and be comfortable for all those hard days, movie marathons, and and parties. Plus, all products are 20-40% off right now

Why not get a truly unique gift this Valentine's Day? Not into buying gifts on Valentine's day? Okay, how about birthdays? Or just because you feel like it? Sack Daddy foam bag chairs make great gifts any time of the year.



Spice Up Your Dorm With A Sack Daddy Bean Bag Chair September 27, 2013 00:00

College is already in full swing for most, but many of you may still be getting used to everything. Still working out your class/work/sleep/social life schedule, figuring out if that math class was really worth it, negotiating house rules with your roommate(s). And most importantly, squaring out your dorm room.

Dorms are pretty small. Many are about the size of a child’s bedroom, yet two people need to fit in there with all their stuff. That doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for decorating or furnishing. But here at Sack Daddy, we try to have something for everybody.

Our dorm-sized bean bag chairs will fit most anywhere. Our smallest is 3 feet, so it won’t take up a lot of space in your already-crowded floor. Plus, being a foam bag chair, it’s moderately moldable. Chairs and couches, no matter how small, can’t do this, but Sack Daddy bean bag chairs are flexible enough to give you some wiggle room.

But maybe you’re a master space saver and you have enough room for small couch or the infamous futon. Don’t waste time on cheap furniture that tries to be both couch and bed, but really ends up as neither. The Sack Daddy lounger is the better bet, being spread out like a futon without trying to be anything but itself.

Why get a bean bag chair at all? Why not just a simple chair or something cheap? Because Sack Daddy chairs are like no other. Our high-quality foam is softer and more comfortable than the bean bags you know. Our sacks are also more durable to wear and tear. That means that when college is over, you can still take it home and use it again and again!

And if it’s price you’re worried about, don’t be. Our foam bag chairs are designed to be comfortable, yet affordable. Right now, our 3-foot sack chair is only $140. That comes with free shipping within the continental U.S. and a one-year warranty. How many chairs come with all that at this price?

So wow your friends and roommates with a stylish 3-foot furry foam bag chair (or suede or passion suede). If you have your own room or a bigger place, try out our larger foam bag chairs. With a variety of sizes, colors, and styles, we at Sack Daddy strive to find something for everybody. So if you’re a college student in the dorm, don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you.

Check out the pictures at to get a better feel for our sizes and read about our free fabric samples!


Furniture shopping can be difficult. You not only want something durable, not only something comfortable, but you also want something that matches your current décor. This is why Sack Daddy carries a variety of colors and products.

Let’s start with the obvious: the foam chairs that give us our name. We have 3-foot and 4-foot sacks for children or for small spaces, so you can fit your bean bag chair in your dorm or a small room. Then there are the 5-foot and 6-foot sacks that make great foam chairs in most rooms. If you have a large area, however, we can provide for that, too, with the 7-foot and 8-foot bean bag chairs. From the small seats to massive bean bags, we have you covered.

Or how about something a little more relaxing? The Sack Daddy bean bag loungers are more for lying about or using like a couch. These come in three different sizes.

And no matter what seat you have in your home, it’s always fun to put your feet up at the end of a hard day. The bean bag ottoman will help you out with both support and softness. Worried that the ottoman won’t match your couch? Well, that’s the best part.

No matter what size sack or if you just get the ottoman, every foam chair comes in every available style and color. Want a blue furry bean bag chair? Oh, you wanted the 6-foot lounger instead? We have that in blue fur, too! Or maybe you just saw the 3-foot navy blue passion suede chair. But wait, a 4-footer would be better. Do we have that in the same style and color? Yes we do!

Every item at Sack Daddy has the same options for colors and styles. There are six dark and smooth suede fabrics, six furry materials, and nineteen colors of passion suede! So if you just want that bean bag ottoman, you still have the same options as the bean bag chairs. With our large selection of hues and fabrics, you’ll find a bean bag to match your home!

And better yet, our variety is affordable. Sack Daddy bean bag chairs are reasonably priced with free shipping to the 48 continental United States, machine-washable covers, and a generous warranty, so you can feel secure no matter which bean bag product you buy.

So enjoy a little variety. Whether you’re looking to match any room or to redecorate everything, we’re certain there’s a bean bag chair, lounger, or ottoman for you.

Sack Daddy Bean Bags are perfect for your pets February 21, 2013 18:28

As a pet owner, you probably are well aware of the fact that it's not easy to convince your four-legged family members to stay off the couch. A comfortable alternative is a Sack Daddy bean bag chair, lounger or couch. Finally, you don't have to worry about Fido or Felix seeking a comfy spot that's not pet-proof. These bean bag chairs are the perfect ultra comfy bed for your pet. A Bean Bag Bed for Your Pets Pets love to have a comfy place to relax too; and an old rug or blanket placed on the floor doesn't always cut it. 

 Sack Daddy bean bag chairs allow you to snuggle with your pet without the stress of worrying about pet hair and dander. All Sack Daddy large bean bag chairs have removable and washable covers. If Fluffy does get pet hair on your Sack Daddy bean bag bed, just toss it in the washing machine. Why Pets Love Sack Daddy Bean Bag Chairs Pets tend to enjoy comfort just as much as you do. This is why Sack Daddy's large bean bag chairs are perfect for just about any pet. Dogs, cats, and even pet iguanas will love a comfy bean bag bed. 

If your pet could talk, some of the reasons they would give for why they love Sack Daddy bean bag chairs would be: 

• "It's big enough for me to comfortably relax with my owner." 

• "It's soft, but still firm enough to offer me plenty of support." 

• "There are no arms or other hard parts that get in the way when I jump up on it." 

• "The filling retains heat and make a great alternative to the cold floor." 


Why Pet Owners Love Sack Daddy Bean Bag Chairs Not only will your pet love the comfort of a huge bean bag chair, but so will you. As a pet owner, you can relax when your little loved one jumps up to enjoy some quality time with you. Sack Daddy bean bag loungers and chairs are made with shredded foam and soft fabric to offer the comfort of a traditional bean bag chair with extra support that you'll love. Pet owners love Sack Daddy's giant bean bag furniture because Sack Daddy's huge bean bag chairs and loungers are: 

• Kid friendly and pet friendly 

• Durable 

• Washable

Available in six different sizes and fabric selections Bringing Together Comfort and Durability You want your pet to feel comfortable in your home, but you also want your furniture to stay in good shape. It's a common dilemma most pet owner's face. Fortunately, Sack Daddy's bean bag couch solves this problem. You get a stylish addition to your home and a comfortable place your pets can enjoy without guilt. All Sack Daddy's also come with a removable cover that you easily toss in the wash - try doing that with you couch!

Sack Daddy – The Ultimate Comfort in a Bean Bag Chair February 5, 2013 15:31

Sack Daddy – The Ultimate Comfort in a Bean Bag Chair

We know you enjoy lounging in your living room, watching TV or playing video games with your family or friends. We know part of that enjoyment comes from the type of chair you choose to sit in while watching your favorite shows and we believe we have the solution to your comfort - the bean bag.

Sack Daddy Knows About Comfort knows you are not going to find any other furniture that is as comfortable as our extra soft bean bags. We design our bean bag chairs to offer you only the absolute best materials in a wide range of colors that will match any room you place it in. Our chairs are filled with ultra-soft furniture foam for extra cushion and you will definitely notice the difference from traditional bean bags.

We also offer a large range of sizes perfectly suited to your needs. If you reside in a dorm you might simply require our 4 ft. chair for a single adult. However, if you like to cuddle with a loved one or invite other gamers over for a tournament, then you might want to choose a 7ft. or 8 ft. Sack Daddy.

Modern, Convenient and Fun

We know you have a choice of going with a recliner or love seat but we believe in bringing back the fun into your lifestyle. Our large bean bags have been featured in gaming magazines; and gamers don’t fool around when it comes to their comfort. You know our chairs are the best when we continuously receive praise and terrific ratings from buyers and we wish for you to experience it too.

Our giant bean bags are great for two or more people, with sizes ranging from 5 ft. to 7.5 ft. loungers. We also offer an Ottoman rest to keep your tired feet elevated and comfortable while you lounge. We suggest for a couple a 6 ft. sack and if you have any children, a 3 ft. sack is ideal for a child.

You can join with gamers everywhere in enjoying a comfort not seen in traditional loungers, love seats or chairs. We will work hard to earn your business and we are confident you will not only love our bean bag chairs but will endorse us to your friends, family and gamers alike. Don’t hesitate a minute longer, contact us today to see how we can help you.