Additional Sack Daddy Foam

$35.00 $102.00

Sack Daddy offers the softest foam in the business. We use furniture grade poly-urethane foam which is used in high end couch cushions. You will notice immediately that our foam is many times more comfortable than any other foam bag chair on the market. The reason for this is because the majority of foam bag chair companies use a very low grade scrap foam. In fact this is the same hard foam used to make carpet padding. With our perfect blend of foam you will get a super soft foam that both cushions you and has a memory to it that will never stay permanently compressed like the Styrofoam beads found in traditional bean bag chairs. Many customers purchase our foam to either replace the old style beans in their bean bag chair or to replace the foam in one of our competitors products.

All Sack Daddys are over stuffed for maximum comfort. While we don't recommend adding any more foam to your Sack Daddy, we offer the option to purchase additional foam if desired. Please understand that less than 1% of our customers ask for more foam.

Also note that your Sack Daddy may take up to one whole week (2 weeks for the 8 ft sack) to expand to its full size. Please wait at least a week before purchasing more foam or contacting us. To expedite the process you can pick your Sack Daddy up and poof it up in order to get air to the foam. The air allows the foam to expand to its full size. Something else to remember is that your Sack Daddy will never permanently flatten out like a traditional bean bag chair. If you feel your Sack Daddy has become somewhat smashed down, simply re-fluff your Sack Daddy and it will return to its original shape.

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