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Sack Daddy Giant Bean Bag

Let's get straight to the point - Foof chairs (also referred to as Poof chairs or Fuf Chairs), as with other competing products, are filled with lower-quality foam than you'd find in any Sack Daddy. All Sack Daddy foam bean bag chairs are filled with only super soft pieces of high-quality foam - the same foam used in high-end furniture. Foof chairs, on the other hand, are stuffed with scrap foam - the kind used to make carpet padding. And just how comfortable is sitting on carpet padding?

If you're trying to tell yourself that you'd be willing to sacrifice a little comfort for a price break, read this next statement very carefully: A Foof Chair will cost you over $150 dollars more than a Sack Daddy chair of comparable size. That's right. So if you purchase a Foof Chair you are sacrificing quality and paying more for it!  Why do it?

Foof Chair Reviews

If you're like us, you probably like to check out product reviews before you make a new purchase. That's why we share user reviews and testimonials right on our site. And to make your life as an educated consumer even easier, we provide honest product comparisons between Sack Daddy and competing giant bean bag brands.

Not surprisingly, the makers of the Foof chair also feature a number of positive Foof chair testimonials on their site. However, what you won't find on their site is an honest-to-goodness competitive comparison chart of any kind. We'll give you three guesses why that is - but you probably only need one. Just take a look at our "Why Sack Daddy is better than Foof Chair" comparison chart:

Why Sack Daddy is Better than Foof Chair:

Features Sack Daddy Poof / Foof Chairs
Model  6 ft Sack Daddy Lounger 6 ft XL Foof Chair
Filling Shredded Sack Foam Shredded urethane foam
Clients Natural Light (Anheuser Busch) and Under Armour ???
Made 100% USA USA
Liner Included Optional (+$49)
Dimensions 72" x 36" x 36" 70" x 48" x 36"
Free Fabric Samples? YES No
Price (6 ft Black Micro Suede cover & shipping) $220.00 $378.99

*Both prices include shipping, standard warranties, and liners as of December 17, 2012

**Foof / Poof Chair measurements, warranty and prices were taken from

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