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Giant Bean Bag

If you're considering buying a poof chair then that must be because you haven't heard about Sack Daddy giant foam bean bags! No worries, we'll fill you in. Sack Daddy chairs look just like Poof chairs (also known as Foof chairs), but that's where the similarities end. At Sack Daddy, our primary focus is comfort and quality. To ensure that our chairs are the gold standard when it comes to comfort and durability, we stuff them to the brim with high-quality polyurethane foam, much like you'd find in high-end furniture. The Poof chair, on the other hand, is stuffed with scrap foam - Blech! Scrap foam is typically used in carpet padding, and we all what it feels like to sit on carpet for any length of time...

Comparing the Poof Chair

A Poof chair simply doesn't stack up to Sack Daddy giant foam bean bags when you compare comfort, quality and price. Beyond the excessive comfort a Sack Daddy chair delivers, there are a whole list of additional advantages over Poof chairs including:

  • Stronger warranty
  • Clients ranging from Natty Light to Under Armour
  • Up to 5 free fabric samples
  • Liner included in base price

So what about price? What with all these advantages, you'd think Sack Daddy chairs would be more expensive than Poof chairs, right? Wrong. For a chair of comparable size, you'll pay over $150.00 more for a Poof. Want a liner with your chair? Add $49.00 to the tab. Yeah, we don't get it either.

Sack Daddy vs Poof Chairs :

Features Sack Daddy Poof Chairs
Model 6 ft Sack Daddy Lounger     6 ft XL Foof Chair
Filling Shredded Sack Foam Shredded urethane foam
Clients  Natural Light (Anheuser Busch) and Under Armour ???
Micro Suede Options 16 colors 5 colors
Made 100% USA USA
Liner Included Optional (+$49)
Dimensions 72" x 36" x 36" 70" x 48" x 36"
Free Fabric Samples? YES No
Price (6 ft Black Micro Suede cover & shipping) $220.00 $378.99

*Both prices include shipping, standard warranties, and liners as of December 17, 2012

**Foof / Poof Chair measurements, warranty and prices were taken from PoofChairs.com

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