8 ft Sack Daddy - COVER ONLY

$155.00 $341.00

COVER ONLY - Guaranteed to be the biggest sack you've ever seen! This mammoth can hold a professional linebacker or a little league team. If you've got the space for a gargantuan 8 ft Sack, you will definitely find the use. For the unselfish entertainer who doesn't mind sharing their furniture, the 8 footer is large enough to hold your guests, while leaving tons of room left over for you. If you want the biggest and the best out there, this is it.

Dimensions: 8 ft x 8 ft x 3 ft. (measured at the widest points)

All products are flexible foam furniture and depending on how you shape the products can change the dimensions slightly. Make sure you have enough space for these larger products and keep in mind that the floor print of the product will be less than the width dimension as the products bulge in the middle so you need to allow room for the dimensions above.

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