about us


The concept of the Sack Daddy™ was born about four years ago. Sack Daddy’s are manufactured strictly to provide the most comfortable lounging situation. When we thought about all of the serious gamers acquiring back problems from their inferior gaming chairs, we cringed. And we decided to do something about it. When we thought about all of the high school grads looking for a cool, convenient and, most important, durable lounger for their dorm room, we felt like we could provide them with the ultimate piece of furniture: The Sack Daddy™.

Along with providing the customer with plenty of sizes to choose from, here at Sack Daddy™ we pride ourselves on offering all of our Sack Daddy™ covers in plenty of extremely comfortable, yet durable fabrics. We can promise you won’t find a more luxurious piece of lounging furniture that holds up as well as a Sack Daddy™. Mom or Dad, let the kids take flying leaps into the Sack Daddy™ without worrying that they’ll break it. This is why we created the Sack Daddy™ - to provide the consumer with an incredibly luxurious lounging experience, one that rivals, nay, tops competing furniture in every aspect of comfiness, quality and durability. Providing the consumer with all of these benefits at a fraction of the price one would spend on other “quality” furniture is just what makes us happy. It feels good knowing that we have the best chair out there, for the best price. So please take advantage of what makes us happy, and get your Sack Daddy™ today. You won’t regret it!